Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Party Fun Run for Mileigh

Jackson's sweet friend (girlfriend) Mileigh turned 4 this past month and her mom threw her such a fun party! A few months back her family and ours participated in a 5k fun run at our church. She loved it so much that it was a perfect idea for a fun birthday party. Each kid got their own race number and ran a fun obstacle course while they were cheered on by friends and parents. At the end of the course they each got their own medal and stood on top of a podium. She served 6ft subs, chips, and salads, otter pops and ice cream sandwiches. The kids each took home a water bottle with a special treat inside. A super fun time for parents and kids!

Jackson's Race Number

Through the box
Through the tunnel
Down the coaster
In the hoops
Tossing the water balloon
Over the hurdles
And across the finish line
They earned a medal!



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