Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Jack Says...

Jackson does a lot of talking, I mean A LOT!!! And, although lately I feel like he has only said, "No" he has also said some pretty funny things. He has definitely been keeping Chris and I on our toes. Always surprising us and never settling for the answer, "I don't know". Here are a few, "What Jack Says". (J: Jackson, L: me, C: Chris)

(notice the marker line on both sides of his mouth)

L: Jack, why did you write on your face? You can't write on your face!
J: Yes I can! I'm drawing a smiley face! (see picture above)

His version of the song "Thou Art Worthy"...
J: Now I worry, Now I worry, Now I worry Oh God!

"Mom, I like to sing. Is that my talent?"

He just let go of his balloon outside
L: Jack, you let go!
J: It's okay, it'll float up to heaven and God will get it for me. He will tie it to his wrist and fly it back down here.

While watching the sun go down
J: Where is heaven?
L: I don't know...
J: It's not far far away. It's too the west.
L: Why is it in the west?
J: Because God and Jesus pull the sun down to the west. And heaven is there. It is light in heaven.

While saying bedtime prayers
J: Thank you for Miley, she's my girlfriend. And Hudson, he's my boyfriend.

While eating salad
J: I don't like the sticks, (the stems) just the leafs.

While watching me put on my make-up
J: These brushes are like paint brushes.
L: Ya, Kinda
J: So you are painting your face?
L: Kinda
J: So, It's okay to paint on our face?

Jackson falls at the park
J: God wasn't watching over me, He let me fall!

While shooing away a fly
J: I can't get this freaking fly!

J: I don't see God. Is the door to heaven closed?
L: Well... I think its a gate.

While driving
J: What's your favorite song Daddy?
C: I don't know
L: What's yours Jack?
J: I'm singing right now!
L: Can you sing louder?
J: This is loud enough
L: Oh
J: If I sing louder I will hurt your ears!

6am on Chris' birthday
J: Happy Birthday Daddy, where's the party? I want cake!

At the Disneyland Gate
J to the gate lady: Are you my mother?
J's Grandma: I didn't steal him. He's my grandson! Why would you say that!?
Monday, October 11, 2010

The Boon Spoon

I LOVE the Boon Spoon! I received one as a gift at Kai's baby shower. Since, I have been including it in each of my baby shower gifts. All you do is load it with baby's food, squirt and feed. This is a great way to travel with food and not have to pack glass jars. This spoon is awesome and fun to use! You can find them at Target along with other Boon products.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Playing School

Jackson and I have been holding our own little "pre-school" together lately. I really wanted him to start pre-school this fall but it just didn't happen. Next year for sure... but for right now I'm playing teacher and he is eating it up! He is such a fun, smart and challenging little boy and he LOVES learning new things. Here is some of the stuff we've worked on lately.

Learning to use scissors...

And writing letters A & J...

So proud of him!!! We've also been learning our directions (N,S,E,W) and telling time.
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mother Nature's Farm

This past weekend my parents invited Chris, the kids and I to join them for an afternoon atMother Nature's Farm. We had a great time. Mother Nature's is a little farm in Gilbert just off of Gilbert Rd and Baseline. We enjoyed a tractor ride, bounce houses, the hay maze, looking at the farm animals and Jackson even decorated a pumpkin. Super affordable at $7 for kids and $3 for adults. You can even get a $3 coupon here. It is open from 9am-9pm now thru Oct 31. Have fun! And watch out for the turkey.... He Bites!

Who are these animals?

The turkey just "kissed" Jack's finger!


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