Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Jack Says...

Jackson does a lot of talking, I mean A LOT!!! And, although lately I feel like he has only said, "No" he has also said some pretty funny things. He has definitely been keeping Chris and I on our toes. Always surprising us and never settling for the answer, "I don't know". Here are a few, "What Jack Says". (J: Jackson, L: me, C: Chris)

(notice the marker line on both sides of his mouth)

L: Jack, why did you write on your face? You can't write on your face!
J: Yes I can! I'm drawing a smiley face! (see picture above)

His version of the song "Thou Art Worthy"...
J: Now I worry, Now I worry, Now I worry Oh God!

"Mom, I like to sing. Is that my talent?"

He just let go of his balloon outside
L: Jack, you let go!
J: It's okay, it'll float up to heaven and God will get it for me. He will tie it to his wrist and fly it back down here.

While watching the sun go down
J: Where is heaven?
L: I don't know...
J: It's not far far away. It's too the west.
L: Why is it in the west?
J: Because God and Jesus pull the sun down to the west. And heaven is there. It is light in heaven.

While saying bedtime prayers
J: Thank you for Miley, she's my girlfriend. And Hudson, he's my boyfriend.

While eating salad
J: I don't like the sticks, (the stems) just the leafs.

While watching me put on my make-up
J: These brushes are like paint brushes.
L: Ya, Kinda
J: So you are painting your face?
L: Kinda
J: So, It's okay to paint on our face?

Jackson falls at the park
J: God wasn't watching over me, He let me fall!

While shooing away a fly
J: I can't get this freaking fly!

J: I don't see God. Is the door to heaven closed?
L: Well... I think its a gate.

While driving
J: What's your favorite song Daddy?
C: I don't know
L: What's yours Jack?
J: I'm singing right now!
L: Can you sing louder?
J: This is loud enough
L: Oh
J: If I sing louder I will hurt your ears!

6am on Chris' birthday
J: Happy Birthday Daddy, where's the party? I want cake!

At the Disneyland Gate
J to the gate lady: Are you my mother?
J's Grandma: I didn't steal him. He's my grandson! Why would you say that!?


Carrie Ann said...

Love it...and love Jack! :) I am so excited to read through your blog and catch up! We do need to do dinner sometime soon and catch up for real!! Love you guys!


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