Friday, August 6, 2010

My Favorite Necklace

My friend Jamie makes the most beautiful and creative accessories. Every time I see her I ask her where she got either her necklace, headband or hair accessory. And every time she always says the same thing, "oh, I made that" She is SO GOOD, and SO CUTE, and always makes everything look amazing! One of my very favorite items she makes is a necklace with my boy's names engraved on it. I saw one she had made for a friend and thought, what a great Mother's Day gift. So I bought one for my mom with her four grandchildren's names on it, one for my mother-in-law, one for my sister, my girlfriend and one for myself. I wear it all the time. I'm sure she'd be happy to make one for you too! If you are interested and want Jamie's information please let me know!


Fenton Family said...

I ALWAYS wear mine too...everyday! I get compliments all the time, so many people want one, I want her info so I can give it to them!


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