Saturday, August 7, 2010

Farm Animal Game

Discovery Toys makes wonderful learning toys for children of all ages. Growing up I remember my favorites, which happen to be some of Jackson's favorites now! One toy, or game actually, that keeps Jack's attention for a long time is the Busy Farm. It is a great little game that consists of 6 sets of colorful animals and about 20 activity cards. Each card has an activity that helps him learn sorting, matching, alphabet awareness and pattern concepts. For example: put the blue horse to the left of the barn, put the yellow sheep under the pasture, finish the pattern, what animal starts with the letter p. Besides playing the games the cards suggest we have made up quite a few of our own. We group them by color and then remove one from a couple of the groups and have Jack figure out who is missing. But, his most favorite thing to do with them is make his own patterns. He lines them up, either in a long line (animal train) or in rows. He is very particular making sure each one is facing the correct way. :) I love this game because it causes him to really think and understand different concepts AND because it keeps him busy for long periods of time!

Oh! And I just looked. This game and many others are on sale right now!!! If you are interested in purchasing a toy or learning more about this great company click here.



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