Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time for Something New

Well, It's been awhile. Awhile since I've posted anything. And I've come to the conclusion that I think I want to start blogging. I think. It has been something that I think about every once and awhile, when I want to share a cute picture, fun idea, craft project, recipe... ANYTHING. Or, when I want to just write, talk, vent, think, share... but I have never really gotten around to doing it. Part of the reason why is because so many of my friends have these wonderfully creative blogs that they do a pretty good job of updating regularly. I'm afraid that if I start blogging I wont be able to keep up with it, but now I'm to the point that I don't care. So, I might blog every day one week, and just one time the next. Who cares? I don't! ;) With that being said, right now, I'm going to start blogging! (Actually, our computer is broken (and has been for about 6 months) so I will be using Chris' as often as he brings it home from the office!)

What to write about first...

Jackson is in swim lessons right now. He is going to be 3 in November and for the most part has always enjoyed being in the water. But, after seeing his friend Baylor swimming like a pro he decided he wanted to "jump in and swim like Baylor". Luckily his buddy Hudson had just taken swim lessons and learned a ton so we knew exactly where to sign him up at. Mrs. Parker's house. He calls her Mrs. Mrs. Parker. We aren't quite sure why. He LOVES his swim lessons. Every day he practices floating on his back, diving for rings, scooping the ice cream with his hands and kicking his feet so hard he splashes everyone. His FAVORITE is jumping off the diving board. He talks about it all the time and requests to do it while there. My FAVORITE is watching him get thrown into the pool, turning around, and climbing out all by himself. I am so excited for him and proud of him. I just can't believe how big he is getting!

Here is a video of him getting tossed in and jumping off the diving board.



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