Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Crafts

I've been trying to be a little creative with our Christmas decor this season. I'm always wanting to add new fun things but can't get myself to buy anything for 30 days of use, once a year, when only $40 feeds a child in Africa for A WHOLE YEAR! (Go HERE for more info on how you can feed some kids!) So Jackson and I have enjoyed doing a few Christmas crafts together and they look super cute up in the house!

Coffee Filter Snow Flakes
These snowflakes are now hanging from the ceiling in our entryway. Jack loved using his scissors and seeing how they looked when he unfolded them. He also loves that it is now "snowing" in our house!

Advent Calendar
Chris and I really wanted to create an advent calendar for Jackson to open this year. He completely gets that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. He even told Santa just that the other night during pictures at the mall! He is excited for Christmas time and we want to continue to remind and teach him that it's not about the presents and the tree, but that Jesus our Savior was born for us! Jack and I created this advent calendar together. He colored the bags and used "sprinkles" (glitter). I stuffed each bag with either a special treat or an activity for us to do as a family.

So far Jackson has set up the Nativity, received two pieces of chocolate- one to share, one to eat, cleaned out our toy box and donated toys to other children, and visited Santa. Other activities we have to look forward to this month are; make presents for our baby-sitters, drink hot chocolate, take special treats to the neighbors, go to the dollar store and pick our brother presents....

It has been fun to watch him open each bag and enjoy this Christmas time together.

Just a side note on Jack cleaning out his toy box to give away toys. I think it was much harder on me then him! In fact he was excited to do it. He decided to give away a lot of what I figured he would, but one toy that really surprised me was his Mickey Mouse. Just this little plastic toy. He picked it up and looks at it and says, "I love my Mickey Mouse. I want to give him away!" At first I thought he was confused and didn't understand so I explained to him that if he gives something away he can no longer play with it. To which he replied, "I know, I want to give him away." I think he understands better then I do! It was eye opening and a mixture of sadness and pride watching him. He is getting SO OLD! He gets it!


carolinagirl1897 said...

I stumbled across this looking for a picture of tidying up toys of all things. I'm also a Christian and have search high and low for an advent calendar that's more than just get a piece of chocolate. This seems to fit in well with the Advent Conspiracy we participated in last year -- worship fully, spend less, give more, love all. I'll look forward to doing something similar with my four year old next Advent. Thanks so much and God bless!


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